Michael is a director, producer, and award-winning editor going into his sixth year in the industry. He is currently a Senior Producer/ Editor at HBO cutting trailers and producing content with a variety of vendors for HBO's hit shows.

His approach to filmmaking has always been quite hands on given his background in post-production. Whether it's sculpting performances or blending music and exciting visuals to build a cohesive piece of marketing, for Michael, it's all about creating a captivating story. 

He started his career as a runner, like most in the industry, and worked his way up by cutting his teeth on multiple theatrical and broadcast campaigns. Prior to his move into post-production and marketing, Michael got his foot in the door by working as a set PA on The Dark Knight Rises followed by a short stint on the second season of The X Factor.

Michael has a B.A. in Film Production from The University of North Carolina at Wilmington and continues to produce, direct, and edit short films in his spare time. Most recently, Michael directed Flat (2018), a short thriller, which is currently rounding the festival circuit and has picked up a few nominations along the way. Some of his other shorts include A Slight Hiccup (2015) and Wake (2012).